Shoulder Strap

Lose a strap? Or did you buy a used gig bag without the original strap? We can help. We make our own straps using ultra strong materials. Choose from Black, Burgundy, Chocolate, British Tan, and Navy Blue for the leather components. And tell us what kind of bag the strap is for so we can size it properly.

Trombone Mute Bag

Here is a beautiful leather bag to carry all those mutes that trombonists seem to take everywhere! Leather or Cordura exterior, same YKK zippers as all our bags, a carry handle, a shoulder strap, and a side pocket for music, mouthpieces, lube, etc. This bag is designed to stand up in the open position when you put it under or next to your chair at a rehearsal – it will not fall or flop over! The bag is generous in its dimensions. The bag held six mutes from my personal collection in this photo shoot, and the pocket is large enough to hold actual music. 

17” x 14” x 8”

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