We make three styles of trombone bag — the Classic with an internal slide insert, the Commuter with a slide insert that fits into an outside pocket, and the Touring with separate bell and slide cases. The slide inserts of the Classic and Commuter bags have a wood insert and accept slides up to 33″ in length. The detachable slide case of the Touring bag has a wood insert on each side of the slide, accepts slides up to 34″ in length, and comes with an optional shoulder strap. All trombone gig bags are available in three sizes: Small Tenor (up to 8″ bell), Large Tenor (up to 8.5″ bell), and Bass Trombone (up to 9.5″ bell). In addition, we make a case for Screwbell trombones (Small Tenor only). The bell section bag is very flat (5.5″) for easy storage in overhead aircraft compartments. The slide is stored in a separate case, in the style of the Touring bag. We keep a few examples of each in stock, and we will make one of any color upon request. We have several two-tone models right now that can be seen below (along with Bernhard Moser’s sweet 1966 Conn 88H). Cases can also be made for valve trombones, contrabass trombones, or other oddities. The below photos show a variety of styles, sizes, and colors – and include a custom bag made for a Wessex F contrabass trombone.

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