Fitting a Soft Case to Your Tuba

Tubas come in all sizes and flavors, as you know. We have patterns for a few common tubas and keep a few Cordura versions in stock in various colors. But for all other tubas, we will send you instructions on how to measure your tuba and then make your case to order.

We Make Two Styles of Tuba Case

The first is the Clamshell. An extra-long zipper allows the case to be opened up to lie flat on a surface like the floor or a table. Simply put your tuba down, zip it up, and you are ready to go. You can transport it using the handles or backpack straps. There is a large pocket to carry your music, too!

The second case we make is a Split Top-Loader. This is a revolutionary design that makes using a top-loader easier than ever before. This case opens up right down the middle of the bell, so you won’t have to lift the tuba high like you do with most top-loaders. You can lift your tuba as little as one foot off the floor and simply lower it into the bag. If you lean the bag against the wall or some other fixed object, the case will stay upright and wide open. Tuba goes in. Tuba comes out. It could not be easier! (The beautiful model in the photos is my Eastman 534 BBb.)

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